“What exactly is Graphic Recording and/or Visual Facilitation?”

Graphic Facilitation is a creative, highly valuable tool which is both effective and efficient.  It can be utilized to bolster many of the major aspects of organizational life–saving both time and money, while increasing comprehension, participation, and the quality of decision-making, while providing a significant return on your company’s investment.

Simply stated, it is the use of large scale imagery to lead groups and individuals towards a stated goal.  Using a combination of images and text, a visual practitioner listens to what is being said and synthesize the main ideas and themes into drawings in real-time.  Typically, this process takes place “large-scale” somewhere in the room, allowing everyone present to both see and engage with the drawing’s content as it unfolds.

“Why would I want it?”

Facilitation Graphics add a creative visual dimension to meetings which helps to make them more engaging, productive, and memorable. By listening for key ideas and issues and then organizing the information spatially in mural form, a graphic facilitator helps groups to better see the issues before them and pull teams together by putting them (literally) on the same page. As their story emerges on paper, groups are empowered to see more clearly the issues at hand, the opportunities at their disposal, and the challenges they face. In addition, they will also gain a deeper appreciation for their own strengths and weaknesses as well.

“In what situations is it useful?”

Answer: Our mission is to boost productivity and foster greater collaboration, a higher level of communication, and more robust institutions through the skilled use of graphics and visual language in meetings, presentations, coaching/visioning sessions, and off-site gatherings such as conferences and retreats, etc.

“What is the upside?”

– Increases retention levels by 40% by combining words and images.

– Expands comprehension of key themes and main ideas.

– Records important information without interrupting flow or asking invasive questions.

– Distills complex data into one clear image.

– Supports higher levels of thinking and engagement.

– Enhances dialogue and eliminates confusion among team members.

– Helps to get people on the same page using images, storylines, shared metaphors, etc.

– Increases clarity by allowing people to literally “see what they mean.”

– Makes visioning/brainstorming sessions more collaborative, productive, and actionable.

– Adds creativity/excitement to presentations and the introduction of new projects or ideas.

– Reduces the number of misunderstandings and helps resolve conflict.

– Saves time by lowering redundancy and reducing ambiguity.

– Increases the ROI for speakers & presenters by vividly documenting crucial points.

– Provides a graphic record which leaders can use to summarize/interact with at a later date.

– Equips participants with a unique “takeaway” of their experience (paper & digital).

– Replaces traditional “Meeting Minutes” because the charts become the report.

– Provides an easy and effective way to share the “gestalt” of an event.

– Makes it much easier to quickly bring outsiders “up to speed.”

“Is it expensive?”

We offer a variety of services to a wide array of clients (each of which is unique and distinctly different), and yet all are concerned with the return they will receive for their investments.  As the list of benefits above clearly indicates, Facilitation Graphics can maximize ROI in a variety of ways, making it an incredible value to any organization.  We do field work at “daily” or “1/2 day” rates, and also do studio work for ” hourly” or “per-project” rates as well.  Please contact us today to discuss your organization’s needs and discover what an outstanding value Facilitation Graphics can be!

(*NOTE:  Because we believe that our interactive visuals have value for everyone, we want to ensure that the cost of our services do not prohibit a specific group from receiving their benefits.  As a result, we often discount our regular rates for educational, charitable, and not-for-profit organizations who work day in and day out to help make the world a better place.)

*For your convenience, we have answered our most common customer questions here…however, if you didn’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out directly through our Contact Us page!