“Facilitation Graphics by Greg T. Whicker brings all varieties of events and meetings to life in a stunningly visual way.  His work is an excellent boost for any speaker/facilitator because it increases content retention, stimulates participation engagement, and frankly, it’s just plain fun.  I’d highly recommend him for your events!”

Josh Allan Dykstra  –   Author | Speaker | CEO, Helios | Co-Founder, The Work Revolution & Strength Doctors

“Greg does a brilliant job of enhancing meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences by creating a visual record of the events….but, his work does more than just record — it actually enhances the conversations, the thinking, and the learning. It generates a much richer experience for participants and a better outcome for the event. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out his website for examples of his impressive work and to read one glowing recommendation after another.”

Craig Weber –  Author | Consultant | Speaker | Expert on Conversational Capacity & Adaptive Learning

“We had Greg come out for two separate Leadership Conferences at Center forNonprofit Management in Los Angeles…not only was he a great guy to work with, on time, and generous, but he also created a fun atmosphere around the topics we discussed. Needless to say, our attendees and presenters were very happy. We definitely look forward to working with him again.”

Marlon Fuentes,  Marketing and Design Manager at The Center for Nonprofit Management – Los Angeles

”I have witnessed the visuals of many graphic facilitators over the years, but none have I enjoyed as much as Greg Whicker’s.  He created an amazing interpretation of our 2-day TOGETHER! conference in LA recently, masterfully capturing the messages of our speakers and workshop leaders with large, clear images that easily communicated the key points in the story, and had a powerful and lasting impact…it was an absolute masterpiece. In addition, his quiet presence and keen insights added a deeper dimension to the collective experience.”

Runa Bouius  –  CEO & Founder, Conscious Leadership Catalyst

“Greg did a beautiful job as a graphic recorder for a live interview in which I participated in June, 2014.  He gleaned information from the discussion, visualized it, and presented it coherently in a way that viewers could easily grasp. His work provided a great deal of texture and context to the event.  I recommend him highly.”

Doug Kirkpatrick  –  Principal, Redshift3 | Organizational Change | TEDx | Author | Culture+Leadership+Education

“I’m very pleased to recommend Greg as a skilled practitioner of the Visualizer’s art.  I’m not only astounded at the evolution of Greg’s capabilities and the obvious outcome of the effort he’s put into it, but also, the quality of the work he generates.  It’s one thing to draw what people say and capture, sort, and clarify data, it’s another thing entirely to make it engaging, rich and inviting as Greg is able to do–he listens, and he gets it (which is something very powerful and very rare).  Greg will make the most of any opportunity to bring YOUR ideas to life, and take your enterprise to the next level.  With his broad span of experience, and his ability to truly hear what is being said, you can be confident that he will be able to help you evolve your ideas, clarify your business strategy, focus your intentions, and evolve any visionary aspirations you might have in a seriously powerful way–I’m  certain of it.”

Michael Erickson – Visual Practitioner at The Boeing Company

“I have had the good pleasure of working with Greg at the Permaculture Voices Conference 2015. Greg’s graphic recording skills are phenomenal. He masterfully created maps, visuals artifacts, posters and much more for a 5 day conference. Greg’s graphic recording enhanced the experience tenfold, helping participants make greater meaning of their conference experiences and adding so much visual richness to an otherwise dull atmosphere. I hope to work with Greg again in the very near future and highly recommend his services!”

Dana Pearlman – Facilitating and Designing Learning and Innovation

“I had the pleasure of mentoring Greg in my Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals workshop.  I’ve trained hundreds of students across the English Speaking world. He stands out not only as a very gifted illustrator and Graphic Recorder but as a very decent, honest, straight forward, helpful, grounded, hard working and friendly person.  He is without a doubt a rising star in the Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation field.”

Christina Merkley  –  SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. Pioneering Visual Coach & Interactive-Visuals Mentor